XR17 Technology

XR17 is a novel nanotechnology based formulation system for chemotherapeutics.

Oasmia has developed a patented, nanoparticle formulation technology, XR17, which makes a single API or multiple APIs water soluble. XR17 forms spherical structures called micelles, which consist of Vitamin A derivatives that encapsulate the active substance. A micelle containing a water insoluble substance consists of the active ingredient surrounded by XR17 with the hydrophobic (water-repelling), non-polar chain pointing inwards towards the active ingredient and the hydrophilic (water-attracting), polar head pointing outwards (see below). The micelles are extremely small, 20 to 60 nm depending on the API, and are considered nanoparticles.

All XR17 based therapeutics undergo lyophilization, or freeze-drying, to improve shelf life, facilitate storage, and create a sterile powder form of the product for reconstitution before intravenous use.


XR17 Advantages

XR17 technology enables the encapsulation of individual APIs as well as combinations of multiple APIs with different solubility profiles. The beneficial properties of XR17 technology have been confirmed in our toxicological and clinical studies. We believe the following are possible advantages of XR17:

  • Improves solubility, facilitating the safe administration of APIs to animals and humans;
  • Shortens infusion time, providing convenience for patients;
  • Reduces severe hypersensitivity, allowing for higher dosage of APIs, given its reduced toxicity; and
  • Improves dosing profiles of combination therapy by enabling dual encapsulation of water-soluble and water-insoluble APIs into one nanoparticle.